Use case scenario: User registration with offline MDL activation

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About this scenario

This scenario simulates a user registration workflow with offline multi-device licensing (MDL) activation.

It uses a demo site designed for a technical audience to learn how the technology can be used in a realistic scenario.

Before you begin

For this scenario you need a pre-configured Mobile Authenticator Studio app installed on a mobile device.​ The app can be configured and downloaded from the OneSpan Cloud Authentication Technical Evaluation website (

Walkthrough: User registration with offline MDL activation

To register a user with offline MDL activation

  1. Sign in to the Community Portal and select the OneSpan Cloud Authentication Evaluation tile on the Demos > Interactive page.

    This will take you to the demo website at

  2. If required, type your Intelligent Adaptive Authentication tenant ID.

    You can find your tenant ID in the sandbox configuration page of your Community Portal account.

    You will not be prompted for the tenant ID if you append it to the URL, i.e. The tenant ID is automatically added to the URL as long as you stay on the website.

  3. Switch to the User Registration page.
  4. Select a registration mode. Both, Manual Register and Adaptive Register can be used.
  5. Select Offline MDL as activation method.
  6. Click Register.

    The demo website submits a message to /user/register. This returns a registration identifier and an activation message. The demo website encodes this activation message in a Cronto image (generated via /visualcodes/render).

  7. On your mobile device, launch the Mobile Authenticator Studio app and scan the Cronto image shown on the demo website.

    The Mobile Authenticator Studio app generates a device code.

  8. On the demo website, type the device code generated by the mobile app.

    The registration identifier is automatically pre-filled with the value previously generated by /user/register.

  9. Click Add Device.

    This activates the mobile device by submitting a message to /registrations/{registrationID}/activate-device.

Additional considerations

  • At various stages in the demo you can click Populate to fill in dummy data or recover data that you may have changed in previous steps of the workflow.

Next steps

After completing this scenario, you can continue with Use case scenario: User login.