Use case scenario: Transaction signing

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About this scenario

This scenario simulates a transaction signing workflow.

It uses a demo site designed for a technical audience to learn how the technology can be used in a realistic scenario.

Before you begin

For this scenario you need a pre-configured Mobile Authenticator Studio app installed on a mobile device.​ The app can be configured and downloaded from the OneSpan Cloud Authentication Technical Evaluation website (

You must have completed the user login workflow and have signed in as regular user (see Use case scenario: User login).​

Walkthrough: Transaction signing

To sign a transaction

  1. Sign in to the OneSpan Cloud Authentication Technical Evaluation website as a registered user (see Use case scenario: User login).
  2. Switch to the User Board page.
  3. Switch to the Transaction Signature tab.
  4. On the mobile device, start a transaction and enter the transaction data fields, such as account numbers, amounts etc., and generate a signature.
  5. Type the same transaction data fields in the Data Fields box of the demo website. You can specify up to 8 data fields, where each data field is separated by a comma.
  6. Type the signature generated by the Mobile Authenticator Studio app in the Signature box.
  7. Click Submit Transaction.

    The demo website submits a message to /users/{userID@domain}/transactions/validate and validates the transaction signature.

Additional considerations

  • At various stages in the demo you can click Populate to fill in dummy data or recover data that you may have changed in previous steps of the workflow.