Last modified: 2024-06-14

Automation Using OneSpan Sign Conventions

An OneSpan Sign Convention is defined by the fact that it contains one or more of the following types of objects:

  • Text Tags: A Text Tag is an object that can insert a OneSpan Sign field (e.g., Street Address) at particular positions in multiple documents for multiple recipients.
  • Field Mappings: A Field Mapping is an object that enables the following features:
    • Insert: This feature copies a value of a Salesforce field (e.g., Street Address) into a corresponding field of a OneSpan Sign document when a transaction is being prepared. That data can then be retrieved from the signed document. The data in question can be either data about a recipient, or data about a Salesforce "related object".
    • The relevant OneSpan Sign field must exist before you can insert a Salesforce value into it. You can create the required OneSpan Sign field by using a Text Tag.

    • Writeback: This feature copies a value of a OneSpan Sign field (e.g., First Name) into a corresponding Salesforce field. Using it, data entered by recipients during the Signer Experience can be written back into Salesforce fields, based on Field Mappings defined when the transaction is completed.
    • The Writeback feature is disabled by default.

A Convention can be defined by users with OneSpan Sign Template Admin permissions.

OneSpan Sign Conventions can be used to perform the following kinds of tasks:

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