Using Custom Entities

eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM permits users to create specialized Custom Entities.

Administrators can use these entities to perform the following procedures:

Creating a Package Using a Custom Entity

You can create a OneSpan Sign package using the record of an existing Custom Entity. The following procedure describes how to do so by adding a button to the Custom Entity. When that button is clicked, the system will create a new package from the Custom Entity record.

To create a OneSpan Sign package from an existing Custom Entity:

  1. Ensure that in your eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization, the Ribbon Workbench for adding buttons is installed.
  2. Log in to eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an Administrator.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Customization. A new page appears.
  4. Click Ribbon WorkBench.
  5. Select the unmanaged solution that contains your Custom Entity, and click OK. A new page appears.
  6. Select the Custom Entity from the ENTITIES list. The upper part of the screen may change.
  7. In the Solution Elements tab, right-click Commands, and then click Add New.
  8. Under Actions, click the search icon, and then click Add.
  9. Select Javascript Function Action as the rule, and click OK.
  10. Enter in the Function Name field.
  11. Click the search button in the Library field.
  12. Select the eSignLive Package Automation Web resource, and click OK.
  13. Under Actions, click OK.
  14. In the Toolbox section, click Button, then drag and drop it to the Form ribbon.
  15. Specify esl.account.Command0.Command as the Command, and provide an Id and Label Text. The Label Text you specify will appear on your new button in the Form ribbon.
  16. Click Publish.
  17. The new button becomes available in the Custom Entity, and clicking it will create a new package.

Adding a Sub-Grid to Display Associated Packages

You may want to add a package sub-grid to a Custom Entity in order to display the OneSpan Sign packages associated with that entity. If so, perform the following procedure.

To add a package sub-grid to a Custom Entity:

  1. Log in to eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Customization. A new page appears.
  3. Click either Customize the System or Solutions.

    If you click Solutions, the solution you select must: (1) contain your Custom Entity; (2) be unmanaged.

  4. A new page appears.

  5. From the menu, expand Entities, and select the relevant Custom Entity.
  6. Select Forms.
  7. Double-click the form where you want to add the sub-grid. A new page appears.
  8. From the top menu, click the Insert tab.
  9. Select the Sub-Grid option. A new dialog box appears.
  10. In the Set Properties panel:
    • Type the Schema name for the sub-grid control.
    • In the Label field, type the display name of the sub-grid.
  11. In the Data Source panel:
    • Ensure that records are selected with the Only Related Records option.
    • The views related to the Custom Entity are displayed under the Entity drop-down list. Select the esignLivePackages view.
  12. In the Additional Options panel:
    • Select the Required View from the View Selector options.
    • Select the Off option in the View Selector.
  13. Click Set. The sub-grid is added to the form's tab location (see Step 7).
  14. Click the Home tab, and then click Save.
  15. Click Publish. A package sub-grid is added to the Custom Entity's form (see Step 6).
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