Last modified: 2024-06-18

Receiving and Signing Documents

When a package owner distributes a package with a document you need to sign, you will receive an email which indicates that you have been added to the package as a signer. The email will include a link that you can click to access the package, and it may include below that link a message from the package owner to you.

To sign documents as a signer:

  1. In the email you receive, click the link to the document package.
  2. The package owner chose one of the following Authentication Methods to verify you as a signer:, and you must respond accordingly
    • Authentication by Email requires you to verify your identity by clicking the email's link.
    • Authentication by Q&A requires you to verify your identity by answering questions. Once you've correctly answered all questions, click Login.
    • Authentication by SMS requires you to verify your identity by entering a seven-digit SMS code that you will have received on your mobile phone. After you correctly enter that code, click Login.
  3. Read and click Accept on the consent agreement.
  4. Sign all Signature Fields in the document. Signature and Initials fields are indicated by yellow sticky notes. If another signer has already signed the document, their signatures are visible in the document.

      If unsigned Signature Fields lie outside your current viewing area, the Unsigned Signatures Indicator shows the number of unsigned Signature Fields that remain.

      A progress bar at the top of the document indicates the number of signatures you have applied, as well as the total number of signatures required by you in this document.

  5. Click OK to confirm your signatures in the current document.
  6. If more than one document in the package requires your signature, click Next Document and continue to sign each document where indicated by yellow sticky notes until all documents are signed.
  7. Click Review my documents to review and download the package documents, or click Exit OneSpan Sign to exit.
  8. When you review a signed document, you may see messages stating that OneSpan Sign signatures “Cannot be validated” or are “invalid”. Such messages merely mean that the certificate used to sign the document is not yet trusted by the PDF software you’re using to perform the validation. To resolve this issue, follow the instructions in this article.

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