Last modified: 2022-08-16

Alternate Ways of Sending Emails

Emails can be sent from OneSpan Sign in three alternate ways:

  • Using OneSpan Sign's Email Server: This is the default method. It requires no changes to your account.
  • Using a Custom SMTP Server: In this case, the customer must specify the following information:
   "": "",
   "email.smtp.port": "",
   "email.username": "",
   "email.password": "",
   "email.smtp.ssl": "false/true",
   "email.smtp.tls": "false/true" 
  • Using OneSpan Sign's Email Server with DomainKeys Identified Mail Signing (DKIM). This method supports both DKIM and SPF authentication. Unlike the Custom SMTP Server method, this approach doesn't require the creation of a special server account for OneSpan Sign. However, additional fees apply; for details, please contact your Professional Services Consultant.
  • The Custom SMTP Server and DKIM Signing methods both enable the From field to be configured with the customer's email address when emails are sent.

    If a Custom SMTP Server is used, all email bounce-backs must be handled by the customer.

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