Last modified: 2024-06-22

Managing Transaction Reminders

Transaction owners can: (1) configure a schedule for email reminders that will be sent automatically to all transaction recipients who have not yet signed; (2) change the Reminder Schedule for any of their transactions.

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You must have Admin privileges to configure or change a Reminder Schedule.

Default settings for email reminders can be specified at the account level. If you want to do this, please contact our Support Team.

Configuring Reminders for a New Transaction

To configure reminders for a transaction that you are creating:

  1. On the Create Transaction page, click Settings.
  2. In the Email Reminders field, click Configure.
  3. Configure the following options:
    • Enable Reminders: Select this option to enable reminders to be sent.
      • Send reminder in (days): Specify when the first reminder will be sent — i.e., the number of calendar days after the initial email invitation is sent.
    • Repeat Reminder: Select this option to send multiple reminders.
      • Number of days: Specify the number of calendar days between successive reminders. This means that reminders may fall on non-business days.
      • Total Reminders: Specify the total number of reminders to be sent.
  4. Click OK. The Email Reminders field is now set to Enabled.

Changing a Transaction's Reminder Schedule

To change the Reminder Schedule for a transaction that you created:

  1. Locate the appropriate transaction. .
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Next to the Email Reminders field, click Enabled.
  4. Edit the reminder settings.
  5. Click OK.

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