Creating basic rules

Basic rule parameters lists the parameters associated with a basic rule.

Basic rule parameters
Parameter Description

Priority of the rule in the division.

Possible values:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

The basic criteria of a rule apply to the current processed event. The criteria allow to check individual elements or factors of the current event. Several criteria can be set with AND statements.

To create a basic rule with several dependent criteria

  1. Navigate to DESIGN RULES & ACTIONS > Rule Management.

  2. From the navigation pane, select the campaign and division for which you want to create the basic rule.

  3. In the dashboard of the selected division, click Create Rule.

  4. Enter a name for the rule you are creating

  5. Set the rule priority.

    You can categorize the rules you are creating according to their risk level as high, medium, or low risk.

  6. Ensure that the Rule Start Date and Rule Stop Date fields are only set if you actually need this rule to start and/or end on specific dates.

    The format to enter the dates is the same as configured in the database, e.g. in the Risk Analytics Universal Interfaces web.config file (refer to the Risk Analytics Installation Guide). The default format is YYYY/MM/DD.

  7. Add a description for the rule.

  8. Click Add to display the criteria list menus, and add the required criteria to define your rule. Remove any criteria or clear criteria values if required by clicking the corresponding buttons.

    If you want the rule to use a hot list, one or more criteria need to contain IN or EXISTS. You can select the hot list for the respective criterion from the list of all current hierarchy hot lists (see Using hot lists in rules).

    To add more criteria click Add; this will display further sets of list menus. Click Remove to remove a single criteria list menu line or click Clear to remove all added criteria list menus.

  9. Once you have added all required criteria for the basic rule, click Save & Next to complete this procedure.

Next steps

If the setup for this division is complete and the division is to be operative, access it in the Rule Management navigation pane, and activate it by clicking Toggle Rule in the rule dashboard. The previously entered values are stored automatically.

Proceed in the Create Rule and Action Wizard to add further rule parameters: