Defining a response / status to decline a transaction

You can decline a transaction when it has matched a defined rule by changing the response code in Risk Analytics Presentation ServiceClosed A highly dynamic web interface that provides webpages for the user to intuitively interact with Risk Analytics. It is a Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 ASP.NET application hosted inside Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)..

The values for the available fields of this action must be changed in the database.

To define a response/status to decline a transaction

  1. From the Hierarchy navigation pane, select the rule for which the response is to be declined when an event matches it and click Edit Rule.

  2. In the Create Response / Status step of the Create Rule and Action WizardClosed This wizard takes you through the rule creation process - here you create rules, and define critera, actions, and response/status., select Transaction Level from the Relationship Hierarchy Level list menu.

  3. Select RESPONSE_CODE from the Field Name list menu.

  4. Select Decline from the Set Value list menu.

  5. Click Save to add this Response/Status and to complete the procedure. With this, any transaction matching this rule will now be declined.

  6. Complete the Create Rule and Action Wizard, navigate to the rule you have just created, and activate it by clicking Toggle Rule.