Triggering the demonstration rules

Postman Collection Runner allows to run all demonstration scenarios sequentially without user interaction. At certain points during the Trigger Rules collection run, timeouts up to one minute have been introduced to prevent the set of Risk Analytics rules from affecting the outcome of the demonstration scenarios.

To open Collection Runner, click on the TID RA version.number Demo – B. Trigger Rules collection on the left side of the main Postman window. While hovering over the collection folder, click the small button featuring a triangle which appears on the right. On the collection details panel, click RUN to open the Collection Runner window.

Opening the Collection Runner from the collection folder

The TID RA version.number Demo environment is pre-selected; click RUN TID RA version.number DE… to start running all demonstration scenarios.

Running the Trigger Rules collection

The scope for a run can be limited to a single demonstration scenario by selecting the respective scenario folder from the collection/folder list on the left side of the window.

After the collection run – which can take up to a couple minutes to complete – the result window should report 34 passed request and 0 failed. You can examine the result details by scrolling down the Iteration 1 panel.

Results after running the Trigger Rules collection

You can now verify if the rules were correctly triggered for the demonstration scenarios - Verifying the correct triggering of the demonstration rules outlines the verification steps.

Verifying the correct triggering of the demonstration rules

  1. Log on to Risk Analytics Presentation Service.
  2. Navigate to SUPERVISE & INVESTIGATE > Risk & Relationship Management.
  3. The Alerts dashboard should now have six entries of alerts for matched rules.

    To investigate these closer, navigate to SUPERVISE & INVESTIGATE > My Alerts.

    My Alerts after the Trigger Rules collection has run

  4. In the Risk & Relationship Management navigation panel on the left, in the Search Customer By section, click SEARCH without entering any data in the search input fields.

    In the navigation panel, a new section is displayed: Customer portfolio. Here you should find the names of the demonstration customers.

    Customer portfolio after the Trigger Rules collection has run