These questions are regarding the Evidence Summaries we have available for each package: – Does the signer role listed have to be unique regardless of a unique package? Example: Package1 – signer1, signer2; Package2 – signer3, signer4; etc and so on. Or does how we label the roles matter if its a unique package? – This question probably ties into the last one I am guessing. We were looking at the “Signer ID” on the evidence summary and curious what that is used for and how others may have used that with their integrations. What is its purpose?
Hi, On the DOCUMENT_SIGNED callback is it possible to know who has signed the document directly or in some other way indirectly? I need the email of the person who has signed the document for our application workflow. What can I do with the sessionUser attribute. Example Payload: {"@class":"com.silanis.esl.packages.event.ESLProcessEvent","name":"DOCUMENT_SIGNED","sessionUser":"4f04-46a5","packageId":"OrqxnWET0Qh","message":null,"documentId":"DOCUMENT_Contract"} Thanks, Abhijit