Hi Team,

I have multiple pages contract which has multiple signers.

For a specific signer, i am trying to add a input text field.

I am able to add the field but I am interested to make the field required and show up on multiple pages so user do not have to key in values for each page.



  • Make a text field required via tags not UI
  • Make the text field available on multiple pages so user do not have to key in same info multiple times. Basically bind multiple text fields as one.



We are implementing Conditional fields.  I am starting by trying to get our existing text tag to use the fieldName.  From the documentation, I see this syntax  {{esl_SignerAutograph:signer1:Signature}} .

Using that as a sample I changed my tag to {{?esl_lender:A201Name1:textfield:,offset(0,-15), size(275,25), maxlen(40)}}.  The A201Name1 represents the signer1.  When I submit a package to the designer with this tag I get the following error:

Hi All, I followed instructions provided in "REST API" tab Also "Code Share" hyperlink does not have any code sample to download. Using postman REST API client I am able to create package in esignlive but for some reason, it does not recognize Signature Text Tag for signing so I cannot send the package for signing Here is what I used for in Demo.docx {{esl:Signer1:capture:size(400,50)}} Here is payload that I used from the above link.