Is it possible to declare during the package creation instance that an extra file should be attached after signing the package documents? The package status automatically changes to COMPLETED after uploading the extra file or should I force the status to COMPLETED by API?



I'm trying to add extra fields to a transaction through the REST API but I can't get the extra fields to show up.
So far I managed to add a free text field at the time of signing, but I can't get it to show the initials of the signer or the date of signing.

The payload I used is the following:


Hi team, 

We are developing a web application that uses OneSpan Api to authorize transactions. We want to know if is possible to set a signature data with values that we already have stored in our database.

We have a use case when the OneSpan transaction is rejected because a new signer needs to be added, we want to save every signature already signed in the rejected transaction and use them in a new one. Note: We create the pdf files in the web application with signature fields and upload them to OneSpan via API. 



I am developing a portal where you can see the latest transactions made in OneSpan, as well as the % of progress of the transactions, see the next person to sign and the possibility of resending the signature email to said person.

Is there any endpoint to the REST API that allows me to obtain the following data?:
- Data of the next person to sign a transaction
- Level of progress of the transaction (the number of signatures made vs the total number of people).

Thank you very much!


API Rest allows me to create a sender in an account. I could verify this process by viewing the sender from Admin> User, but I could not assign it roles through API. Therefore, he will not be able to manage or generate a transaction because it don't has a role.. 
Is it possible to make this relationship by API to integrate it with my Identity Provider through a connector?


Hi Team,

I have attached list of files which I have downloaded through APIs, but it seems that some of the files doesn't have any metadata files.

Now I have only the name of the documents, I don't have package id, and I need few information that is only available in metadata.

Can you please help me out, If there is any API that can provide me the metadata file names based on the document name?