We are trying to automate the app shielding process in our CI platform by using the REST API.

The API method takes a file as a parameter but on use it returns "(422) Unprocessable Entity."

Below the PowerShell code:

$headers = @{"X-API-KEY" = "$apikey"
    "Content-Type"         = "application/json"

$filepath = "app-release.aab"

$uri = ""

Hi OneSpan,

We are going to implement app shielding for RASP. According to the app shielding document, there are several APIs for automated shielding: We have few questions for that:

1) Where can we find the full API document?

2) How to use these APIs for automated shielding? Any example for call shielding process/ shielding status/ shielded binary? What parameters for these call?

Thank you so much.