I'm setting up the url callback.  My OneSpanSignConnector service is located on a service in the internal network not the DMZ.

This is how I was going to set it up:

  traffic coming from:                                    inbound http & https (80 & 443) traffic 

           to:   route to: internal server ip addess using a NAT (network address translation)

so my url callback configuration would be: service/api/Notify 

Will this work? Thanks



We have an azure function setup to listen to onespan callbacks which works great nearly all the time, but on the rare occasion we get a failed callback. I supposed there is a number of reasons that could happen. In this specific case the error indicates a timeout exception.

I have a couple of questions

1 - When this exception occurs it appears that the onespan package sender/creator is notified via an email. here is a sample of the email