Decrypt an information message body

The Decrypt Information Message feature allows you to decrypt the body of a Secure ChannelClosed The Secure Channel feature encrypts the communication between device and server. It uses payload keys to protect the confidentiality and authenticity of the message's payload. information message. If an authenticator instance is activated, the integrating application is able to send Secure Channel messages that can be decrypted and parsed via the Intelligent Adaptive Authentication REST API. Such messages are generally considered as information messages sent by the client to the server. The body of such a Secure Channel information message contains a payload which is encrypted with the payload key of an MDLClosed OneSpan licensing model with a one-to-one relationship between a user account and an authenticator serial number license. With this licensing model, a user account can be optionally bound to several authenticator instances. Multi-Device Activation, which is an activation process in two steps, guarantess that only the intended user can perform the device activation. authenticator instance. The information message body is decrypted with the following endpoint:

This endpoint accepts informationMessage as payload, the responses include:

  • 200: Decrypted information message.
  • 400: The input is invalid.
  • 404: Authenticator not found.
  • 409: Failed to decode information message.
  • 500: Unexpected server error.