Reset authenticator activation information

The Reset Activation feature allows you to reset the activation information of the specified authenticator via the OneSpan Trusted Identity platform APIClosed Provides the endpoints that are required for the successful completion of the operations.. Depending on the type of authenticator license (single-device licensing (SDL) vs. multi-device licensing (MDL)Closed OneSpan licensing model with a one-to-one relationship between a user account and an authenticator serial number license. With this licensing model, a user account can be optionally bound to several authenticator instances. Multi-Device Activation, which is an activation process in two steps, guarantess that only the intended user can perform the device activation.), the following parameters are reset:

Authenticator activation reset parameters
Parameter Description SDL MDL
Activation count Number of activated authenticator licenses (SDL)/activated instances derived from a single license (MDL).  
Provisioning activation count This count limits the number of activations. N.A.
Activation challenge   N.A.
Activation locations The location(s) from which the relevant authenticator has been activated. N.A
Last activation date/time Time and date of the last authenticator activation.

For MDL-compliant authenticators, this reset operation does not decrease the activation count (i.e. the number of activated instances) but resets the number of activations.

The authenticator activation information is reset with the following endpoint:

The responses for this endpoint include the following:

  • 200: Reset activation completed successfully.
  • 400: The input is invalid.
  • 404: Authenticator not found.
  • 409: Failed to reset the activation.
  • 500: Unexpected server error.