Unlock an authenticator after incorrect PIN entries

The Unlock Device feature allows you to unlock an authenticator that has been locked after too many incorrect PIN entries. Intelligent Adaptive Authentication supports unlocking the authenticator via the OneSpan Trusted Identity platform APIClosed Provides the endpoints that are required for the successful completion of the operations.. To unlock the authenticator, it is necessary to send an unlock challenge that will be generated when the authenticator is turned on the next time after it has been locked.

An authenticator can be unlocked via a POST call to the following OneSpan Trusted Identity platform API endpoint:

This endpoint accepts UnlockChallengeInput as payload and creates UnlockCodeOutput as output.

The responses include:

  • 200: Unlock completed successfully, unlock code generated and returned in response.
  • 400: The input is invalid.
  • 404: Authenticator or application not found.
  • 409: The authenticator unlock challenge is invalid.
  • 500: Internal error, sub-service failure, server crash.