Identify authenticator instances by the instance description

You can add a description to a multi-device licensing (MDL)Closed OneSpan licensing model with a one-to-one relationship between a user account and an authenticator serial number license. With this licensing model, a user account can be optionally bound to several authenticator instances. Multi-Device Activation, which is an activation process in two steps, guarantess that only the intended user can perform the device activation. authenticator instance. With this description, you can identify the instances that are connected to a specific authenticator and delete any instances you no longer require. You can update the instance description and use it as a criterion for authenticator queries.

The description field is limited to a maximum of 255 characters!

The description is exposed on the OneSpan Trusted Identity platform APIClosed Provides the endpoints that are required for the successful completion of the operations..

Add a description to an authenticator with these API endpoints:

Update the description with this API endpoint:

This is an optional feature of Intelligent Adaptive Authentication!