Last modified: 2022-10-04

Deprecation of Basic Authentication in Microsoft Exchange Online

This topic describes simple steps that you must take to prevent a disruption in the email notifications that OneSpan Sign sends to your account's signers. If you didn't take these steps before October 1, 2022, those email notifications may have stopped working.

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft began disabling Basic Authentication in Exchange Online. According to Microsoft, the risks and threats posed by Basic Authentication are now such that Exchange Online needs to adopt a more secure authentication method.

How does this impact me?

OneSpan Sign relies on Exchange Online to send its outgoing email notifications to signers. Thus on October 1, 2022, all email notifications to your account's signers may have stopped working.

What do I need to do?

To ensure that your signers continue to receive OneSpan Sign's email notifications without interruption, the following procedure must have been completed BEFORE OCTOBER 1, 2022.

To prevent a disruption in your account's email-notification service:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Click Azure Active Directory.
  3. Select App registrations, and then click New Registration.
  4. Input any Name, and select Accounts in this organizational directory only. Click Register.
  5. On the Overview page, note the Client ID and Tenant ID. These will be needed in this procedure's last step.
  6. On the Authentication page, change Allow public client flows to Yes. Click Save.
  7. On the API permissions page, delete the existing permission.
  8. Click Add a permission, and select Microsoft Graph.
  9. Select Delegated permissions.
  10. Locate and add the following permissions:
    • IMAP.AccessAsUser.All
    • offline_access
    • SMTP.Send
  11. Click Grant admin consent for <name>, where <name> is the name you used for the new app registration.
  12. Contact our Support Team. They will provide you with a secure way to give them your:
    • Azure account username and password
    • Client ID
    • Tenant ID

Once our Support Team has this information, they will configure your OneSpan Sign account to ensure that its email-notification service is not disrupted.

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