Toggling items as active

Once you have finished defining the hierarchyClosed The decision hierarchy is the hierarchical structure in which the defined rules are processed. items and every item’s setup is complete, ensure that any campaign, division, and rule you wish to use is toggled as active at every hierarchy level. You achieve this by clicking Toggle for the relevant item at the corresponding level.

When the setup of the hierarchy items is complete, all items—rulesClosed Rules are used to define sets of criteria to verify if an event (transaction and non-monetary event) matches any fraudulent behavior. If an event matches a previously defined rule, an alert can be raised., divisionsClosed Decision divisions group several types of rules in a hierarchical structure to filter the events to ensure that the raised alerts can be processed adequately., and campaignsClosed Decision campaigns group elements in a hierarchical structure to filter events and ensure that the raised alerts can be processed adequately. Campaigns target specific record types such as for instance approved transactions only. A campaign is the top filtering level.—must be set to active by being toggled accordingly for an event to being processed correctly through the hierarchy.

If for instance the rule and the division are toggled as active but the campaign is not yet toggled and thus inactive, the event will not be passed from the campaign to the division and the rule. The same is true for the reversed hierarchy order: if a campaign and a division are toggled active but the rule is still inactive, the event will be processed through the campaign and the division but it will not be processed through the rule!

Toggling items on one level will not lead to the lower hierarchy items to be toggled automatically!