Using hot lists in rules

Setting a ruleClosed Rules are used to define sets of criteria to verify if an event (transaction and non-monetary event) matches any fraudulent behavior. If an event matches a previously defined rule, an alert can be raised. to use a hot list enables you to search very specifically for variable data, allowing you to integrate occurring changes. For a rule to use a hot list, it must be added as part of that rule.

To set a rule to use a hot list

  1. Open the required rule from the Hierarchy navigation pane.

  2. Click Edit Rule.

  3. To display a list menu for selecting the relevant criteria to add a hot list as part of the rule, click Add.

  4. From the list menu, select IS and the criteria to search with the hot list, and select Exists or IN—these are the two options for the search type to use with the hot list. Risk Analytics Presentation Service offers a fuzzy or an exact search for hot list:

    • Fuzzy search. To see if a string of characters exists in the relevant transaction extract column.

    • Exact search. To see if the characters in the hot list are exactly the same as the relevant column available in the Exists/IN list menu.

    Select EXISTS for the hot list to carry out a fuzzy search, or IN for an exact search.

    Fuzzy searches need more performance capacities than exact searches.

  5. Select the relevant hot list. The hot list that can be selected is either a hot list specific to the current hierarchy for which the rule is created, or a common hot list (common hot lists have Common as a suffix added to their name in the list).