This sample code .Java SDK shows you how to specify field conditions for those fields that are extracted by Position Extraction.
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Hi there,

I have been trying to update documents that have FULL_NAME signers to HAND_DRAWN signers using the JAVA SDK.

Problem is that when there are 2 signers with the same email, the second signer needs to draw every time for each field across documents instead of only once like the first signer.

I tried the approach mentioned in the blog post, but this doesn't fix anything.

Hoping for some clarification and help please.




Hi, I am unable to create a package with the JAVA sdk for the attached document. I am getting an eslServerException with a technical message 


{"message":"Unexpected error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, 
please try again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team.",
[#c91ff7c9-3d7d-4a86-b3bf-281fd9c5fc0d]","messageKey":"error.internal.default","name":"Unhandled Server Error"}


Please help me asap


Hello, I need some tips to get me started with an upgrading to SDK 11.41 from a very old version. I was not involved in the original implementation, and I am lacking knowledge of what the platform provides. Once I’m more comfortable that I’m on the right track, I’ll be able to find more info on my own.

I am looking for documentation:

- to provide a general understanding of the Java SDK.

- anything that might help me understand how to support a work flow with multiple signers.


We need to retrieve the document associated data using the SDK. In Postman, we can view the document data using REST /packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}.  However, we are getting an empty map using the getData() method.  Is there a way to retrieve this data using the SDK?  



I could not find  esl-sdk-external-signer-verification jar in the maven repository. Please help.







I am testing out the Orchestation Client Sample APK that comes inside de SDK Source Files version 4.23.0

When testing Activation flow on the Client Sample APK, after entering the PIN Number the app shows an error with the message "Unknown Message"

After look for the error in the Logcat console, the exception message is the following: Exception in onOrchestrationError java.lang.RuntimeException: Flow type not supported

I want to know if this is a problem of the sample App or this is the final point of the Sample App.