As the title asks:   I'm working on an in-person signing flow where all signers will be on the same device, and am embedding the signing ceremony in an iFrame.  For aesthetics and ease of control, I want to get rid of the welcome/signup/guest login controls, as well as the "For Assistance" number from the upper right page of the screen.  Is that something that can be done?


For over a year I have been creating packages using a JSON string as the package name (something like "{ApplicationId: 1033}").  I do this because the package name comes through in the event callback notification, and I can easily deserialize the package name and extract some information that is useful to our business practice.  Anyway, this is still working in Production, but when testing something in our Sandbox yesterday, I got the error:


Hello Support,

as per requirement in my project, I have to pass multiple documents(2-3) in same package for multiple e-signing.

and after e-singing of all the parties, I have to separate out these multiple documents by category.

I am using .net SDK for this. 

Class Name:

EslClient eslClient = new EslClient(apiKey, apiUrl);

Trying below method for getting individual documents.

byte[] originaldocument = eslClient.DownloadDocument(packageId, documentId);


I'm using text tag extraction to place a required text field like this:


Is it possible to customize the validation message that appears if the user does not enter a value?  It currently says "A textfield is required and doesn't have a value".  Can I make it say something like "Please enter an account number"?  I didn't see anything in the docs, so I suspect the answer is no, but thought I would check.


contract is a class with accessible properties that have been populated by this point and is a parameter being passed into the call here.

All the text anchors have been verified in the starting doc...

                string sourceFile = pdf.FullName;
                string LenderEmail = "[email protected]";
                bool CoBorrower = false;



Our integration using the .NET SDK involves showing the designer view in an iframe through our website. This has served us well over the years but recently we have gotten more and more customers reaching out with issues regarding IE 11 and getting an error of "Could not connect" - usually this is resolved by having them add to the trusted sites in their security settings - however this is becoming increasingly more cumbersome.

Is there something we can do on our end to prevent this from being a regular occurrence?