I am trying to interface with OneSpan Sign using the REST API. I am using the LotusScript language on a HCL Notes / Domino platform.

When I send a package with no document, including only the json, it works fine. When I try to add a document using a MIME message, I always get the 406 Not Acceptable error message. I did some research in the forums but couldn't find any helpful help for this error.

HTTP request:


I'm trying to looking up the documentation for the POST /api/packages call within the Interactive API Definitions page in the sandbox environment, but when I click on this method, the page displays the following error:

Resolver error at paths./api/$ref
Could not resolve reference: Could not resolve pointer: /components/schemas/Package does not exist in document

Attached is a screen dump of what's displayed at the top of the page.


For over a year I have been creating packages using a JSON string as the package name (something like "{ApplicationId: 1033}").  I do this because the package name comes through in the event callback notification, and I can easily deserialize the package name and extract some information that is useful to our business practice.  Anyway, this is still working in Production, but when testing something in our Sandbox yesterday, I got the error:

We've been using the sandbox for testing. We use the sandbox from our development machines and a server. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago. We cannot get documents signed using the test server. I know we were able to get documents signed using the test server last December. In the meantime, everything works fine from my development machine. The code for signing has not changed since last July.