I am getting the following exception while trying to create a Package using
.withExtractionType(ExtractionType.TEXT_TAGS) for the DocumentBuilder, 
Is there a way to use ExtractionType alongside createPackage?
I am looking forward to create a reminder inside my transaction therefore I cannot use createPackageOneStep nor CreateAndSendPackage.



contract is a class with accessible properties that have been populated by this point and is a parameter being passed into the call here.

All the text anchors have been verified in the starting doc...

                string sourceFile = pdf.FullName;
                string LenderEmail = "[email protected]";
                bool CoBorrower = false;

                EslClient eslClient = new EslClient(API_KEY, API_URL);

int the call to CreatePackage when calling the eSign rest api , we get 500 error from the server. EslServerException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. HTTP POST on URI Optional details: {"code":500,"messageKey":"error.internal.default","technical":"name cannot be null or empty","message":"Unexpected error. I have attached a JSON dump of the request to the eSign api. Any thoughts? thx.