Hey guys, 

I'm trying to put together the following flow:

  1. Create a Package through Postman using the following payload.
  2. Add a document through a azure function (Its working).
  3. Update Package from Draft to Sent by making a Put request with only { "status": "SENT" }.

The last step always returns 


    "messageKey": "error.validation.sendPackage.noApprovals",

    "message": "Cannot send package without approvals.",

    "code": 400,

I just posted another question that might be related to this one: I am trying to change some incorrect signers, but I can't change a package once it is "SENT". Can I change a package back to "DRAFT" status?
Sometimes we encounter an issue where we need to change the signer on the package. I know I could resend a package to the new signer, but this would require us to start from the beginning. Is there a way to change the signer after the package is sent? Thanks in advance, Darin