We have received some complaints from customers that are not receiving the OTP in their signature process.

We already raised a ticket to OneSpan support with the incident, and they told us that apparently the sms is being triggered without any issue from their systems. 

We are using OneSpan REST API to create and process all the transaction mostly based on the OOTB rulesets you provide.



I am integrating with Pega and configured everything as per guide. But getting below error. I am passing API Key from my login as "Basic"+"XXXXXX" and using endpoint as -

Also tried with endpoint -

{"messageKey":"error.unauthorised.noSession","message":"Failed to retrieve Session","code":401,"name":"Unauthorized"}

Can someone help me with this?

We want to integrate Pega 8.3. with One Span E signature. Actually, we tried to configured in SandBox with POC proposal. 

I am following a QuickGuide on Web:

I´m having a couple of issues trying to configure this as well. Do you managed to configure this or found any other documentation?


I am trying to set up a Service Rest connection from Pega to One Span.

The Service Rule was provided by One Span in OneSpanSample Ruleset. The Endpoint URL mentioned in the rule is :


While using the above URL in Event Notification Portal of One Space I get the following error :

The callback url has security issues.

How do i solve this issue?