Hello all,

My goal is to enable an admin person to easily assist with a signature package (they will be the sender) but where the admin person is strictly the sender and will never be a signer.

I am exploring the following mechanism for creating signature packages using the OneSpan REST API. This is for documents for which we do not yet have templating set up, so we need the OneSpan web GUI signature box placement UI.


Hi Team,

I have multiple pages contract which has multiple signers.

For a specific signer, i am trying to add a input text field.

I am able to add the field but I am interested to make the field required and show up on multiple pages so user do not have to key in values for each page.



  • Make a text field required via tags not UI
  • Make the text field available on multiple pages so user do not have to key in same info multiple times. Basically bind multiple text fields as one.




I am using the SDK to create a ceremony with a custom signer id and I need to use the signer's email.

The SignerBuilder.withCustomId(String) method's javadoc says the following:

Sets the ID of the signer for this package.
E.g.: the signer's email makes for a good unique ID. [email protected]
id – the signer's ID @size(min="1", max="64")
the signer builder itself

But, when specifying an email, I get the following error:


I am trying to create the package only with documents and I will need to update it later adding the signers, the signature tag is already created in one of the documents, that is why I am using EnableExtraction. I get an error: 

Could not send the package. Exception: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. HTTP POST on URI*********. Optional details: {"messageKey":"error.validation.sendPackage.noApprovals","message":"Cannot send package without approvals.","code":400,"name":"Validation Error"}