We lean on OneSpan to handle the emails that go out inviting, reminding, etc. on most business processes today.  While there will eventually come a time where we may shift to sending the emails ourselves, that is not possible today for all use cases.  We like the way your system allows the customization it does, and our business partners enjoy the "free" communications capabilities to the customers.

I have certain templates that I have to list the client's email and phone.  I know that the FIELDS has some of the signer's info like Signer Name, Title, and Company, but can you also add Signer Email and Signer Phone? That is information that the system already has when we list the signer's address or their phone when we use SMS authentication.  


Good afternoon, 


I have 2 questions.

1. For a signing event does the email link ever expire for the customer ?

2. Once the documents are signed what is the expiry time for the customer to go in and download their documents from the email they receive?


I have all of our retention at unlimited no expiry.