Hello Team,

I'm working on the use case below and was wondering if you could help ! 

Use Case: We have an existing template with some documents and fields on it and we want to retrieve those fields to bind some values on them. 

My question : Are we able to call the API in order to retrieve fields that are on a template (and not a package) ? 


Hello. I am new to using Onespan Sign API. I am using Rest API and Postman to enter and execute the code. Please see the below code. I am trying to add a field onto an existing package id. I have included the details below. How do I add a field to a Onespan Package? Can you please send me a complete code sample? I am new to using the API and still learning, so I do not know how to enter peice by peice yet. 
curl -X 'POST' \




I am trying to inject data into a field on a PDF that is uploaded to onespan. I have the field in the following format




the REST API to inject says to use the field names, but the tagging syntax doesn't allow for a name to be added based on the PDF field template found below. do i just put "Textfield1" as the name in the fields section of the documents when sending the package?


Example code shows how to extraction the position of fields with eSignLive.
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