Registering to the Community Portal

The OneSpan Financial Demo Prototype can be used to walk through various use case scenarios. To complete the use case scenarios, you need to register to the OneSpan Community Portal.

Registration is free of charge. Once registered you can find demo environments, documentation, and developer access inside the portal. It also allows you to create sandbox environments to try out and explore the available solutions.

Registering to the OneSpan Community Portal

Registering to the OneSpan Community Portal

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Complete the Sign Up form.

    Use a valid email address to receive the confirmation message required to complete the registration.

    Your tenant ID is automatically generated upon registration, i.e. taking the first part of your email address without any punctuation, adding a dash and the domain name without a suffix, e.g. [email protected] will become janedoe-myhost.

    The tenant ID is a main identifier and used later during most development efforts.

Signing up for a developer sandbox account

After you have successfully created your Community Portal user account, you can sign up for a free sandbox account.

You will need to do this for each solution you're interested in and want to explore:

Signing up for a developer sandbox account

  1. In the OneSpan Community Portal, switch to the respective product page (via Products) and click Free Developer Sandbox.
  2. Fill in the fields in the account creation form and click Submit.

    The portal creates your sandbox environment.

For more information, see Getting Started with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication: Setting Up the Sandbox.