Use case scenario: Onboarding

Involved solutions:

This use case occurs after you have registered to the OneSpan Financial Demo Prototype by providing your user information.

About this scenario

When you open an account, your identity is authenticated and verified through identification documents, document signatures, and biometrics.​

Before you begin

Walkthrough: Onboarding


  1. On the Welcome screen of the OneSpan Financial Demo Prototype, tap NEXT.
  2. On the Identity Verification screen, select the document you want to use for identification during the demo and tap NEXT.
  3. On the Document Capture screen, tap CAPTURE IMAGE and then tap Continue.
  4. Take a picture of the document and tap NEXT.
  5. Retake the picture, or capture the back of your document and tap NEXT.

    Capturing the back of your document is not required if you use the passport for identification.

  6. On the Face Capture screen, tap CAPTURE IMAGE.
  7. Take the selfie and tap Next.
  8. Retake the selfie or tap NEXT to proceed.
  9. On the Your Contracts screen, tap Pre-contract consent to start the signature process using OneSpan Sign.
  10. Sign the document and tap NEXT.
  11. On the Confirmation screen, accept the terms and conditions, and tap NEXT.
  12. Specify and confirm the PIN to complete the Digipass license activation.

    The PIN cannot consist of sequential numbers.

    The Risk Analytics policy engine determines whether the PIN is allowed as a fallback method in case of no or limited mobile device support of biometric authentication.

  13. Tap Login to continue to the Balances screen.

Additional considerations

  • The PIN defined for the OneSpan Financial Demo Prototype is known by the device only and not shared with the server.

Next steps

After completing this scenario, you can continue with Use case scenario: Login without step-up authentication.