Use case scenario: Changing the bank account number

Involved solutions:

This use case occurs when you change the bank account number on the Account Info page.

Before you begin

Walkthrough: Changing the bank account number

Changing the bank account number

  1. On the MyInsurance Demo website, click Account Info. Your profile and bank account information will be displayed.
  2. In the Bank Account Information section, type a different bank account number and click Submit Changes.

    When you perform an action that triggers risk assessment, you will see a pop-up showing a progress bar. This pop-up is for demonstration purposes, to explicitly indicate that Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is performing risk verification. You will probably not see such progress indicators in real-world applications.

  3. On your mobile device, you will receive a push notification that prompts you to confirm the login.
  4. In the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App, tap Yes to approve the change of the bank account number.
  5. Use your fingerprint scanner to authenticate, or scan the Cronto code that is displayed on your computer.

    After successful fingerprint scanning, the mobile application generates a dynamic linkingClosed PSD2 requirement. For electronic remote payment transactions, payment service providers must apply strong customer authentication that includes elements which dynamically link the transaction to a specific amount and a specific payee, i.e. the payer must be made aware of the amount and recipient when they authenticate a payment. code that is sent in the background to the Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution for verification.

    In case of successful authentication, you are logged in to the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App, and the new bank account number is valid.