Use case scenario: Filing a new claim

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About this scenario

This scenario shows how risk assessment by Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is applied to a given transaction, and how it can prevent this transaction from being successfully completed in case risks are identified.

Before you begin

Walkthrough: Filing a new claim

Filing a new claim

  1. On the MyInsurance Demo website, click Claims.

    The demo claims document will be displayed.

  2. Click SIGN.
  3. Enter your signature and click OK.

  4. On your mobile device, you will receive a push notification that prompts you to confirm the login.
  5. In the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App, tap Yes to approve the filing of a new claim.
  6. Use your fingerprint scanner to authenticate.

    Because the claim was created within a high-risk time period, i.e. after the bank account number was changed, the claim transaction fails. You are asked to submit your claim at a later time.

If you file the claim outside the high-risk time period, you can successfully complete the transaction.