Use case scenario: New beneficiary attempt (step-up transaction)

Involved solutions:

This use case occurs when filing a new insurance claim right after changing the bank account number.

About this scenario

This is an advanced use case scenario that shows how you can work with Risk Analytics Presentation Service to create rules for risk assessment.

The rules created in this scenario will be applied during Use case scenario: Filing a new claim. By default, the sandbox environment does not include rules for this scenario, so you need to create them, either beforehand, or as part of the demo.

You can access Risk Analytics Presentation Service at

Walkthrough: New beneficiary attempt (step-up transaction)

Creating new rules in Risk Analytics

  1. Log in to the Risk Analytics Presentation Service, via
  2. Select DESIGN RULES & ACTIONS > Rule Management.
  3. Navigate to the non-monetary events in the Rules list, i.e. Non Mon Events, and locate the Adaptive Authentication campaign.
  4. Click the Edit Campaign icon.
  5. Under History Criteria, change the value in the Days field to 1.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Create Division icon to add a new division to the Adaptive Authentication campaign.

    Creating a new division

  8. Complete the new division form and click Save.
  9. Select the new division and click Create Rule to add a new rule to the division.
  10. Complete the new rule form and click Save & Next.

    Creating a new rule

  11. In the Create History Criteria tab, select YES for Create a new History Criteria and specify the criteria settings:
    1. Type a name.
    2. Select the Rule Memory option.
    3. From the Rule list, select Adaptive Authentication/Insurance Banking Information Changed/Insurance Banking Information Changed.
    4. Select (Velocity Greater Than or Equal) 1 as the frequency threshold.
    5. Select the Same option, and from the list select SESSION_ID.
    6. Change the value in the Hours field to 1.

    Creating a new rule - history criteria settings

  12. In the Create Match Criteria tab, select No for Create a new Match Critieria.

    Creating a new rule - no new match criteria

  13. In the Create Action tab, select Alert Category Placement in the Action Type list and Transaction Declined or Challenged in the Alert Category Placement list and click Save & Next.

    Creating a new rule - create action

  14. In the Create Response / Status tab, select ChallengeFingerprint from the Set Value list and click Save Response / Status.

    Creating a new rule - create response/status

  15. Click Save.
  16. Select the new division and click Toggle Division to enable it.
  17. Select the new rule and click Toggle Rule to enable it.

For more information about Risk Analytics Presentation Service and how to create rules, see Risk Analytics Presentation Service Admin Guides.

Next steps

After completing this scenario, you can continue with Use case scenario: Filing a new claim.