Last modified: 2024-05-16

Testing Your SSO Functionality

This section describes only how to test SSO functionality for "senders" (members of a OneSpan Sign account). Testing SSO functionality for "recipients" (not members of a OneSpan Sign account) is more complex, since it requires creating a OneSpan Sign transaction.

Once your configurations are complete, you can use either your SP URL (obtained from OneSpan Sign) or the Identity Provider URL (obtained from your Identity Provider) to start a session and test your SSO functionality.

To test your SSO functionality:

  1. Navigate to the SSO URL (either the SP URL, or the Identity Provider URL). You should be redirected to the Identity Provider server's Login page.
  2. Your SP URL should look something like this:

    https://{server:port}/sso/saml/login/alias/e-signlive?idp={Entity ID of the Identity Provider}

    The following example of an SP URL is from our U.S. Production environment:{Entity ID of the Identity Provider}
  3. Log in with your Identity Provider server credentials (SSO credentials). You should be redirected to OneSpan Sign's Inbox. Once that happens, you have successfully logged into OneSpan Sign using SSO via SAML 2.0 tokens.
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