When activating the authenticator using the Orchestrator SDK, we keep getting the error -8002. This happens to some users, and when they try to retry the activation, the problem persists.

In order to minimize the occurrence of this issue, we have some questions:

What could be the possible causes of this error?

How can we prevent this issue from happening?




I am testing out the Orchestation Client Sample APK that comes inside de SDK Source Files version 4.23.0

When testing Activation flow on the Client Sample APK, after entering the PIN Number the app shows an error with the message "Unknown Message"

After look for the error in the Logcat console, the exception message is the following: Exception in onOrchestrationError java.lang.RuntimeException: Flow type not supported

I want to know if this is a problem of the sample App or this is the final point of the Sample App.

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You guys have been incredibly helpful, and I know you're bogged down. But I figured I would throw this up here and see what information you can provide. I am getting an Unexpected Error. Our technical staff have been notified and will look into the problem.