We are creating new Onespan Sign accounts, and need to transfer senders from older accounts to the new ones. Since there are over 1,000 senders to transfer between accounts, is there a way to do it in bulk ?

Also, Once transfered, how will sender login work ? Will it be organic by using their current credentials, or will they have to create a new account ?

Finally, is there a way to preserve history ? Some senders might have opened transactions. Can transactions be transfered as well ? Can completed transactions stay in their "new" dashboard ?

Hello, I'm looking for a way to unlock a sender through the Java SDK. I know that a sender can become locked after attempting to delete a sender when they have currently active transactions, and I've also see that the sender can become unlocked though the web app, but I can't see a way to accomplish this through the SDK. Is this at all possible through the Java SDK, and if so how? Thanks, -Mitch