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We are already using onespan . As per our design we have 10 documents in a template. In our UI user will choose out of 10 documents what documents  need to be signed . Based on that we will clone documents from a template and delete the extra roles and we will send the documents for esign . 

There is a requirement like sometimes we need to send multiple copies of a particular document available in a template.

But during cloning if we send same document id multiple times , only one document is available in a cloned package.



I have a need to copy a template from one sandbox account to another sandbox, and I'm trying to use the OSS Template & Layout Copy Tool v1.5.3. I get the initial popup UI, but the 'Get Start' button is not clickable!

Using this command to start (on MacOS):
java -jar "OSS - Template & Layout Copy Tool -v1.5.3.jar"

Please help!






I have encountered a problem when I tried to create a package from a template with the rest API. I used all tips and instruction I found in the documentation and on forums, but I did'nt found a solution yet. Here is one of the documentation :

We have several package templates which we created with the New UI. Each of the templates has multiple documents assigned to them. Now we need to use the RESTAPI to pull these package templates and create new transactions with the package templates created in the UI. Unfortunately, we're not able to find a template id, or a means to target the package templates, either in BackOffice. After reading somes eSignLive literature its seems that if we use the UI to create package templates there is not an immediate means to use the REST API to call that template and use in a package.