Hi, I've read through the rest api documentation at (http://docs.e-signlive.com/mc/content/c_esignlive_integrator_s_guide/rest_api/packages.htm) and am interested in finding out if there is a sample code available for invoking the "Create a new document package along with document binaries" API. A sample request payload is provided in the link but a sample code to create package via this api would be great. Specifically, would like to find out how the documents are attached in the json. thanks Neel
When I create a package from a PDF document and combine the EnableExtraction() calls to extract form field positions, and I add an .WithInjectedField() clause, I do not get any data injected in the static fields. I now have to do it in 2 steps: 1) Create a layout from the PDF with EnableExtraction() 2) Create a package and base it on the Layout and specify WithInjectedField() on this package This works, but it is a bit clunky and it requires the need in our case for a Console like app that will create Layouts from business PDF's prior to it being able to be used from within our custom appli