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I have the following issue working with OSS Web.

Create transaction from template returns signing order for signers 0/1 (2 signers)  when signing order is disabled in the template. This ocurrs in some calls and not in others and the order returned for the signers is not always the same

so we have the following responses

signerA index unset  signerB unset (correct)

signerA 0 signer B 1 (wrong)

signerA 1 signer B 0 (also wrong)


Any information will be of great help.



Hi forum


I'm editing and old template in OSS Web.

Where can I set document properties when I add a new document to an existent template. When I select 3 dots next to document name only  "preview" ,"rename" ,"delete" ,"move up" and/or "move down" are available. 

I need to set some document mandatory and others optional. This settings were available in the on-premise version among other options


We have several templates that contain too many input fields for accepting user inputs. Nowadays, we have a requirement to update the content of the document used in the template, even if it is a minor word change at the bottom section of the document.

The issue here is that if we attempt to modify the document, the entire settings, input elements, and so on will be removed from the template, requiring us to recreate the entire template again. This is a time-consuming task.

Is there any workaround for changing the document of a template without much troublesome work?


Hi ,

We are having documents inside a template. In runtime user is choosing what documents needs to be esigned based on that we will clone documents from a template and delete the extra roles and will send for esign.

Now we have a requirement like based on the number of signers document inside a template should have dynamic content added, for example one signer one signing instructions and two signers two signing instructions. How it can be achieved ?


I'm finding the language settings to be quite confusing and don't see a thorough guide explaining it. Here are some questions I have. If there is a guide, please point me in the right direction, else I'll need some help to understand the following.

1. The package level object has a language parameter. Which areas does this affect?

2. The signer level object has a language parameter. which areas does this affect?

3. The signer level object also has a "withLocalLanguage" attribute, which areas does this affect?

I have created a template with a placeholder on the OneSpan website. When I use this template in a transaction, I am unable to change this placeholder to a normal recipient in the designer, and so I am unable to actually create and send the package. However, using the .NET SDK (presumably this works the same in all the SDKs) I am able to replace the placeholder just fine with "SignerBuilder.Replacing()", implying that this is a doable thing in some capacity.