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We are having documents inside a template. In runtime user is choosing what documents needs to be esigned based on that we will clone documents from a template and delete the extra roles and will send for esign.

Now we have a requirement like based on the number of signers document inside a template should have dynamic content added, for example one signer one signing instructions and two signers two signing instructions. How it can be achieved ?


I'm finding the language settings to be quite confusing and don't see a thorough guide explaining it. Here are some questions I have. If there is a guide, please point me in the right direction, else I'll need some help to understand the following.

1. The package level object has a language parameter. Which areas does this affect?

2. The signer level object has a language parameter. which areas does this affect?

3. The signer level object also has a "withLocalLanguage" attribute, which areas does this affect?

I have created a template with a placeholder on the OneSpan website. When I use this template in a transaction, I am unable to change this placeholder to a normal recipient in the designer, and so I am unable to actually create and send the package. However, using the .NET SDK (presumably this works the same in all the SDKs) I am able to replace the placeholder just fine with "SignerBuilder.Replacing()", implying that this is a doable thing in some capacity.

Hello, I want to place my esignlive document on my website homepage. I want visitors to be able to see the form, fill it out and add their signature. I am having extreme trouble creating an iframe to make this possible. Is there a where to see a form on a website and have a person use esign to fill it out? Any help in this matter could help.
I have created a template in my eSignLive account. As the UI requires, I have uploaded a document. I have been trying to create a transaction using this template, however, I need to add documents to this transaction, on top of the ones provided in the template. Looking at the eSignLiveTemplate documentation (, it doesn't seem possible Am I missing something ? is it really not possible ?