HI two questions about "createdDate" in callback json payload - 

    1. Is "createdDate" a timestamp of when event occurred?

    2. If "createdDate" is a timestamp of when event occurred, then will it always be populated in the callback?

One our side we are honoring "createdDate" in every single callback we receive because it is important for our business rules. Thanks!


We have an azure function setup to listen to onespan callbacks which works great nearly all the time, but on the rare occasion we get a failed callback. I supposed there is a number of reasons that could happen. In this specific case the error indicates a timeout exception.

I have a couple of questions

1 - When this exception occurs it appears that the onespan package sender/creator is notified via an email. here is a sample of the email 





I have a question with regards to callbacks. In our OneSpan account we have a callback URL configured to be used by one system for eSignature package events. We now are going to use the same OneSpan account for another system but want the events for package from the new system to be routed to a different callback URL.


Example code shows how to create a simple callback listener with Spring Boot in Java.
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