Hi all,

What does the following error message mean when trying to pass through a Salesforce attachment to OneSpan?

Error creating OneSpan package with documents: 520 - null - error code: 520

I've since called our method used to do this process manually, and it generated fine (without the attachment being modified in any way).

We did have roughly 10K packages generated within a few hours, is this what could have caused it?




We are working on creating Onespan transactions in Salesforce and have written out some Apex Trigger code to assist with the process. In order to use it in Production, we will need to write an apex test class that cover the code itself. In doing this, we are facing the below error when we try to insert, in Salesforce, a Onespan Transaction record. We are able to do the API callouts properly and they do get created on the OneSpan side. Has anyone received this error before or know what we need to do to not run into it?



We're trying to implement OneSpan Sign, but in the process of using Apex SDK, we noticed that Callback Event Notifications are not getting created for the transaction. If we create the transaction manually in Salesforce, event notifications are created for the transaction. Is there a set of requirements that need to be met in order for Callback Notifications to be turned on for a Transaction?


Hi Team,

I have multiple pages contract which has multiple signers.

For a specific signer, i am trying to add a input text field.

I am able to add the field but I am interested to make the field required and show up on multiple pages so user do not have to key in values for each page.



  • Make a text field required via tags not UI
  • Make the text field available on multiple pages so user do not have to key in same info multiple times. Basically bind multiple text fields as one.



We are using Apex SDK to create transaction in OneSpan, we aren't using OneSpan Salesforce Connector. We have API key for authentication. When the user create transactions in OneSpan from SF, sender is always OneSpan's user attached to master account.


My question is how can I map SF user with OS user/role/signer so that when User X creates a transaction in OneSpan from Salesforce SENDER must be User X and if User Y creates a transaction in OneSoan from Salesforce SENDER must be User Y.


I was trying to implement Call back service in Salesforce from One Span. I have implemented all the steps in Salesforce mentioned in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. But however when a transaction is completed in One Span my apex method is not being called. No logs as well. What is the best way to debug this. Please guide