I noticed that our callbacks were not working in the sandbox and when I logged in to take a look at the callback settings, I noticed the callback key was no longer there. I see that OAuth 2.0 was added and there is an option to select Basic which seems to be what was there before. My question is, if we had a callback key configured, is it going to default to Basic and leave the key that was there before? As it stands now, it is clearing the Callback Key and setting the auth method to None.

Example code on how to register for callback event notifications.
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I'm having difficulty understanding the inclusion of the callback key described here: private EventNotificationConfig eventNotificationConfig; public string URL = ""; public string KEY = "abc"; // Register for event notification eslClient.EventNotificationService.Register(EventNotificationConfigBuilder.NewEventNotificationConfig(URL) .WithKey(KEY) .ForEvent(EVENT1) .ForEvent(EVENT2) Is the "KEY = 'abc'" the api key?