I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction.  We have a client that would like to use Onespan for document signing from a Laserfiche forms process.  I am unable to get it installed and working in my development environment.  I have read and worked through the instructions, but my Onespan integration does not function correctly.  The Laserfiche installation works correctly.
•    In the workflow administration, I see the web service and may test the url successfully.
•    In the Workflow designer however, I do not see *any* onespan components


When signing a document via OneSpan that was sent out via Laserfiche Workflow, the only option is the screen below where you manually draw your signature. I have been told that with standard OneSpan you also have the option to fill in the signer's name via clicking, or perhaps typing in the name, or some other method that is more convenient than manually signing. Is there any way to do this with the Laserfiche integration? We have one person who has to sign many documents and having to draw out the signature every time is very tedious for them.




I have successfully built a Laserfiche Workflow that sends out a document for signature from one signer and retrieves the signed copy as a new version.

I am trying to do the same thing with two signers and am getting an error despite following the documentation. My sample document is below (and included as an attachment.) This syntax worked for one signer.


We have everything working great with Laserfiche Forms, where after the signatures are completed, OneSpan knows to assign a certain metadata field to the specified document to indicate to the corresponding workflow that processing can continue. We have no issues on that end. However, when I try to use the integration with a document instead of through Forms, this is what happens. See screenshot below for some visual assistance:

I am having a problem with the Laserfiche Connector:

I select a document in LF then click "Send with OneSpan"

The document shows in the list of Documents on the Create New Transaction screen.

I add the sender's email, name, and signers then click Create.

The Transaction is created but doesn't show the document from that was on the screen previously - only the "Electronic Disclose" is showing on the screen - I have to manually attach the document that I selected in Laserfiche before I can proceed.