Hello Team,


I have two topics I wanted to dicuss in order to test the Dynamics connector and one use case, 

1. Is there a way to install the connector or a documentation directly online ? I did look to the documentation and it seems to only mention the installation via the on perm 2013, 2015 and 2016. but I'm not able to install it in Dynamics 365 business central , IF you have a recording or a tutorial it would be great !


In Dynamics CRM, I'm not able to show data from custom entity to the document. I am using conventions for field mapping, but it just shows field name not the data value from Dynamics CRM entity.

In the OneSpan documentation, Account address data is shown in the document. 

I am not able to bind CRM data with the document. 

Thanks in advance


Hi Community,

I'm currently using the Dynamics connector for Onespan Sign to successfully send transactions from the CRM system. However, once the transactions is completed the dynamics record doesn't update and the signed documents are not viewable in dynamics. I was getting a callback error email.

We currently use the Microsoft SharePoint connector for eSignLive and that works great for us. However, we have some use cases where we'd like to start using the Dynamics connector as well. Is there a way to save the signed documents from completed packages in SharePoint, even though the package was created from the Dynamics connector? Any help would be appreciated. Darin