Last modified: 2024-05-24

Configuring a New Salesforce User

To create a new Salesforce user, and give them access to OneSpan Sign for Salesforce:

  1. Log in to the relevant organization as a System Administrator.
  2. In the top menu, click the Setup icon, and then Setup.
  3. In the Administration section , select Users.
  4. Click Users again.
  5. To begin creating a new user, click New User. The User Edit page appears.
  6. Appropriately edit information for your new user (First Name, Last Name, etc.). In the User License field, select Salesforce, and check the Active box.

    A Salesforce User License is required to use OneSpan Sign for Salesforce.

  7. When you've finished editing the user's information, click Save. The new user's Details page appears.
  8. Click Permission Set Assignments, and then click Edit Assignments.
  9. From the list of Available Permission Sets, select the appropriate Permission Set.
  10. Click Save.
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