Last modified: 2024-07-16

Signing Documents

A notification will be sent to you when it is your turn to sign documents in a transaction.

To sign the documents in a transaction:

  1. From the OneSpan Sign Embedded Integration for Salesforce menu, click Transactions and click the appropriate transaction awaiting your signature.
  2. On the Transaction Detail section of the screen for the transaction, click Sign. A document called Electronic Disclosures and Signatures Consent. appears.

    Every recipient must accept the terms of the consent document before they can access the documents to be signed.

  3. Read the consent document, and click Accept. A preview window displays the first document.
  4. To sign this document, click all its Signature Blocks that bear your name. A popup window asks you to confirm your signatures.
  5. Click OK. If there are multiple documents, the next document appears.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-4 for each document in the transaction. Once all your signatures have been applied, a refreshed screen confirms that you have finished signing the transaction.
  7. After viewing that confirmation, close the preview window.

Once a transaction has been signed by all recipients, its status becomes Completed. However, there is a configuration setting that may require the Transaction Owner to review the signed documents before marking the transaction as complete. To view that status, it may be helpful to refresh your page or you can access the transaction from the OneSpan Sign Embedded Integration for Salesforce Transactions page.

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