Last modified: 2024-04-19

Installing the Application


  • OneSpan Sign for Salesforce is already installed in a Salesforce production environment, or this procedure will install it for the first time in such an environment.
  • You have a OneSpan Production account.

    If the connector is installed in a Salesforce production environment, it will work only with a OneSpan Production account.


To install OneSpan Sign for Salesforce for the first time, or to upgrade to the current version from a previous version:

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to
  2. Using the search field at the top of the page, search for OneSpan Sign.
  3. Click the OneSpan Sign for Salesforce app, and then click Get It Now.
  4. Click Log in to the App Exchange, and enter your Salesforce login credentials.
  5. Click Install in production. An Almost there! screen appears.
  6. Select the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions box.
  7. Click Confirm and Install.
  8. On the screen that appears, enter the username of your Salesforce production account. One of the following happens:
    • If you are installing the application for the first time, the Package Installation Details page appears.
    • If you are upgrading the application from a previous version, the Package Upgrade Details page appears.
  9. If you are installing the application for the first time:
    1. Review the installation details, then click Continue. An Approve Third-Party Access dialog box opens.
    2. Select the Yes, grant access to these third party web sites box, and click Continue. An Approve Package API Access page appears.
  10. Review the displayed information, and click Next. A Choose security level page appears.
  11. Select Install for Admins Only, and click Next. A Package Transaction page appears.
  12. Click Install. The OneSpan Sign Installed Package Details page appears, enabling you to review the application details.
    • If you are installing the application for the first time, you have only one Salesforce license. For additional licenses, contact your OneSpan Sign CSR (Customer Satisfaction Representative).
    • If you are upgrading from a previously installed version of the application, your previous active licences remain valid.
  13. After the installation is complete, click Manage Licenses to ensure that your Salesforce licenses are assigned to the right users.

    Salesforce users will not be able to use OneSpan Sign for Salesforce until they are assigned a Permission Set.

    The most recent published version of OneSpan Sign for Salesforce is 5.0. If you are upgrading to 5.0, you must perform these additional configuration procedures.


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